Say 50 things about an OC

Found this on fernwithy‘s LJ (she goes to some of the same message boards as me) and thought it would be fun. (And…I have finally learned how to do LJ cuts. Taken me rather a while)

These two guys are both from the GST…the Green Stone Trilogy, my immensely long SW fic. Couldn’t decide which one to do, so did both.

0. (this one doesn’t count) She was the only character I’ve ever had someone say they dislike. I was really happy about that. Mwa.

1. Despite being a Jedi, she hates killing in any shape and form. Qui-Gon says of her that she’s a better person than Jedi.

2. She has blonde hair and a pink lightsabre. It’s not really movie-canon but then again neither was purple til AOTC…

3. As a girl, her best friends were Kanak Dooku and Beno Karshan

4. They always argued; she stayed out out the arguements.

5. She was a slave on Tatooine until she was four years old. She was small enough to fit under the large machines to fix things, so her owner very rarely beat her. She was often made to watch while her aunt was beaten, though.

6. She never knew her parents

7. She is good at fighting, she just doesn’t like it.

8. When Amiri was four, a Jedi Master called Della Luthin came to Tatooine chasing a murderer. Amiri’s owner was in league with the murderer, and both of them were killed trying to take on Della. Della discovered that Amiri was force-sensitive and took her and her aunt back to Coruscant.

9. Amiri’s aunt was given a room in a building owned by the Jedi and a job in a factory. Amiri never saw her aunt again, and when she was fourteen learned that she died of a disease.

10. She took Vulna as a Padawan, even though Qui-Gon had hoped she would somehow take Tahl, because Tahl had a Master who she though didn’t like her.

11. She dislikes hologames, Vulna loves them. This leads to much whining. (usually on Vulna’s side)

12. As she and Dooku grew older, they argued a lot more.

13. When she was little, and being brought up in the Temple, she would use her cuteness as a way to get her own way. This worked on some Masters, but not on others.

14. It never worked on Yaddle, but she was always amused by it, and when handing sweets out to the younglings sometimes gave her an extra one.

15. She remembers the podracing on Tatooine vaguely, and also remembers that she was completely terrified by all the explosions and loud noises.

16. She, like the future Chosen One, is not really fond of sand. Must be a Tatooine thing…

17. She doesn’t much like blood, either.

18. Her favourite colour is blue

19. She likes painting, although she’s not great at it

20. When she was on Tatooine, her only friend was a Gungan female the same age as her. She later died, partly because her body wasn’t equipped to deal with so much heat and partly because of harsh treatment by her master

21. She likes dancing, and is quite good at it.

22. She loves cakes in any shape and size

23. She is always smiling.

24. Her aunt gave her a bracelet before they were seperated. However, it was lost on a mission. She was very unhappy about that.

25. Dooku bought her another bracelet, but it wasn’t the same.

26. She calls Qui-Gon Quiggy, which embarrasses him somewhat

27. She could have asked to go into the AgriCorps, which would almost certainly have suited her better, but Dooku persuaded her not to.

28. She used to wonder whether she ever had a brother or sister who was sold to someone else when she was too young to remember. (And no, it is almost certainly not Siri)

29. She never reads or watches the news; she finds it too depressing.

30. She used to love dressing up, whether it was as a princess or a pilot or an Ewok

31. She reckons there is a high chance that the Qui-Gon/Tahl friendship will develop into something more, but she’s certainly not going to take steps to prevent it.

32. She’s realy bad at speeling

33. She likes books, but only ones with happy endings.

34. She will not necessarily have a happy ending herself

35. She used to play with dolls all the time…she would act out elaborate stories with them

36. She is more attuned to the Living Force than the Unifying

37. After she became a Knight, she didn’t really stay in touch with her Master

38. Her hair used to be longer, but she had to cut it since it kept getting in the way.

39. She really loves the Room Of A Thousand Fountains

40. She ‘adopted’ a corner of it for her very own

41. Whenever it was anyone’s birthday, she would make them a cake…she was quite good at cooking…

42. She always made friends with all the people who no-one else paid attention to

43. She, like a certain other person, used to dream about freeing all the slaves

44. When she was in the caves in Ilum, getting her lightsabre crystals, she saw a horned demon dressed in black…

45. She shared this with very few people.

46. She still sometimes has dreams where people she knows, like Dooku or Karshan, morph into that monster…

47. She cares for Vulna like a parent, not a Master. She is not even really aware that the Council think this wrong…

48. Her trials were as follows: She fell in love with a prince, and her Master found out. The prince was in love with her too, and her trial was to make the decision about whether to stay with him or go back to the Order. She eventually chose the Order. She sometimes regrets this…but only sometimes, and she always feels guilty about it. The prince, she discovered, eventually married someone else.

49. While writing this (and making up a lot of stuff as I went along) I realised something…she is in fact quite a bit like what Anakin would be like if he’d been found when he was younger. (well, with a few differences, obviously, like the killing-people thing and the fact that Amiri is female and not the Chosen One ;) )…

50. …although the original idea is that she’s meant to be sort of another reason why Qui-Gon doesn’t sense danger in Anakin – here is someone else who was a slave, suffered hardship, lost her family, was taken to the Jedi at a slightly older age than usual – and yet was one of the nicest people he ever knew…

1. Tends to follow whoever he thinks is in power…first Dilan, then Qui-Gon and Tahl

2. Qui-Gon and Tahl do offer him friendship, though, and everything is pretty much forgiven

3. Amiri loves him like he was her own

4. He seems to be quite shy sometimes…sometimes this is an act to win sympathy, sometimes not

5. He genuinely does admire Qui-Gon, and Tahl as well

6. He loves Amiri dearly, she is the mother he never had

7. They sometimes team up and play pranks on people. Once they tried it on Master Mapru. They didn’t do it again.

8. When he and Dilan and Savus were the Terrible Trio, he mostly stuck close to Savus…there was something in Dilan that really scared him

9. He still was ‘friends’ with Dilan after Savus died, but that was more because he had no other friends…they’d driven away almost everyone else

10. But Dilan still rather scared him. When he was around Dilan, he’d do things he probably wouldn’t have done had he been on his own

11. Yes, he is weak…haven’t you guessed? ;)

12. Is relatively good with a lightsabre

13. Is excellent at hologames

14. Would be very good at Podracing if he got the chance to do it…and who says he won’t? ;)

15. Reminds me a bit of Peter from HP sometimes…

16. Thinks the fact that Jedi can’t love is stupid…but won’t mention this to anyone.

17. Once asked the Force out loud if they really weren’t supposed to love…he didn’t think he got an answer

18. Sometimes on missions, finds himself doing what Amiri’s meant to be doing…taking out soldiers and the like. Only sometimes…

19. Likes blasters as a weapon

20. After Amiri shared with him (and only him) her nightmares about the demon (who was really, in case you haven’t guessed, Darth Maul), he started having nightmares too, except his involved a different demon, one that was half machine…and a man who looked just like him striking it down

21. He whines. People do!

22. He is completely sick of cake now, but will never share this with Amiri

23. He can sing quite well.

24. He’s afraid of fire

25. He doesn’t really like the heat either…he likes it when it’s winter.

26. When Amiri told him the sort of thing that happened to her on Tatooine, he decided he would never go there. However, he does eventually.

27. Sometimes he gets the feeling Yoda doesn’t quite trust him.

28. He can be a sore loser sometimes

29. He really wants to visit Naboo or Alderaan

30. He has very fast reflexes, even for a Jedi

31. He wants his own droid

32. Unlike Amiri, he does not only read things with happy endings…he thinks the unhappy ones are more realistic

33. He actually reads quite a lot, but it’s not often stuff Amiri approves of

34. He’s quite good at appearing innocent

35. He doesn’t like Master Mapru at all

36. And Master Mapru likes him even less

37. He hates having to stand in the middle of the Council Chamber with them all looking at him.

38. He doesn’t really think about his parents very often

39. When he does, he wonders if they ever think about him

40. When he reads, he doesn’t read fantasy, he prefers the more realistic stuff

41. He knows quite a bit about history

42. He hates the dark

43. He looks up to Master Dooku, a lot

44. He wishes he was taller

45. He gets bored easily

46. He wishes Amiri would understand that sometimes you have to fight

47. There is a room in the Jedi Temple with a glass roof, so you can look up and see the stars…that’s his favourite room

48. He isn’t all that sensitive

49. Amiri gave the bracelet Dooku gave her to Vulna. He kept it.

50. There is a rather large plot twist involving him.