Did a stupid thing yesterday and started a new fanfic. Another SW one. And I am not going to plug it and it is most certainly not right here. And I do NOT want feedback. Not at all. ;)

What else? It’s my mum’s birthday and we’re going to a restuarant. Unfortunately last time we were at the restaurant my brothers shouted, split water everywhere, split orange juice everywhere else, and did impressions of Darth Vader and the Muppets. But they do have good ice cream there. They have a massive thing called the Ice Cream Surprise, or something like that, and…I’d be sick if I ate it. =P

Ooh…tommorrow and Tuesday we’ve got activity days at my school. Basically you choose one activity and do it all day. Monday I’ve got board games, on Tuesday Creative Writing. :) And Steven is going to Thorpe Park with his class. Year eights. This is desperately, desperately unfair because when *I* was in 8 did *WE* go to the bloody theme park? No. We hung around at a swimming pool and hung around at a bowling alley, because the school was short of money or something. *sulksulk*

Well, that’s it. Go away and read something more interesting. ;)

Happy Deathday!
Your name: sarah531
You will die on: Saturday, September 26, 2026
You will die of: Ritual Sacrifice
Created by Quill

I have 23 years left to live!…unless I can’t do maths. =P