A Transcript Of A Conversation Between My Brother And Andy Serkis

[i]After waiting in a queue at CollectorMania3 for a while[/i]

Michael: Want to hear my Gollum impression?
Andy: Okay.
Michael: My Precioussssssss!
Andy: If I’m ever off sick, you can stand in for me!
Michael: Can you do yours?
Andy: No! My Preciousssss!
[i]Queue applauds. I am awestuck. So is Michael[/i]

We made him do it a few more times. ;)

The previous day we’d (me, Steven, Michael, Dad) gone in the afternoon. Tom Felton had been there, and we’d arrived too late to see him. :( But we did meet Devon Murray (Seamus) and got his autograph. It’s stuck to my wall…there’s less space on that wall every day. ;)

Anyway, we wandered around, the boys buying Kingdom Hearts figures (new month’s resolution: play that game) and me searching for a decent SW: TPM poster (no luck). Then we joined the queue for Billy Boyd. I got to meet him…he’s…he’s…

*goes into a swoon at this point*

Anyway, the whole thing was great. I’ll post photos when I can.

*vows to build shrines for Gollum/Andy and Pippin/Billy*