Fanfiction ‘n stuff

Right…when was the last time I updated this?

I have another karate grading tomorrow. I am nervous. I have asked people if they know anyone who’s failed a grading before. I will be even more of a nervous wreck tomorrow.

School broke up on Wednesday (we threw a party in my form room! wayhey!) and all got to leave an hour early. I’ve given out all my presents,all my cards,and now I can’t wait until the 25th.


The second I ran out of school,a ton of plot bunnies fell on me. I decided to write some of them. I suppose that means I won’t be seen for a while. Here’s rambling on them:

The Journals
fandom: Star Wars JA to OT
focus: Qui and Obi,of course
what I have so far: some fairly good ideas,chapters 1 and 2,chapter 3 in notebook at the time I’m writing this,and one heck of a lot of foreshadowing
favourite bits: everything I have for JA#14-16 so far.

Dream to Dream
fandom: Harry Potter
focus: Moaning Myrtle before she was a ghost
what I have so far: evil!Tom,an OFC called Julianne who I like very much,a couple of twists here and there
favourite bits: the ending,right now. although it needs work

fandom: Spyro The Dragon
what I have so far: next to nothing
favourite bits: nothing so far

Now your brain’s turning to mush,it’s time for some quizzies:

I still haven’t seen TTT,and won’t till next year! Bah…:'(

Kind Of Pokemon Are You?

*sings the Pokemon theme*

Oh…and merry christmas,everyone!