Today I was caught staring swoonishly at a Aragorn figurine in Woolworths,was dragged out of two stores by my friend because I was reading all the LOTR stuff,and tried to attack a wasp with a box of parmisan cheese and got most of it in my hair….


My mum ordered the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy CD from Amazon! We get it Monday. :D

Sites: I must update my Digimon Ken shrine…haven’t touched it in ages…

Fanfiction: Have started writing (copying up from notebook) that SW fanfiction. Takes place in TPM,features Obi-angst. ^_^

Site I feel like plugging: Dogasu’s E-J Pokemon Page. One of the only Pokemon pages still up…

Site of mine I feel like plugging: I just added a bunch of home-made avatars to my LOTR site. Visit,darn you! And SIGN the GUESTBOOK! ^_^;;

Quote of the update:
‘Well…um…there’s this queen and she’s in trouble and two jedi come to help her and they find this kid on a desert planet and the kid eventually gets trained as a jedi and he falls in love with the queen-who isn’t a queen anymore-and then his mum who he got seperated from dies,and he kills a bunch of people,and then presumably-they haven’t made this episode yet-the queen who isn’t a queen anymore who’s he’s in love with dies and he turns into Darth Vader and serves the Emporer and later his son comes along and he gets trained as a jedi and meets Yoda and then he goes to Darth Vader and the Emporer and Darth Vadar doesn’t want him killed so he kills the Emporor and dies and they all live happily ever after pretty much. Oh,and he-Luke Skywalker,that is-finds out he has a sister as well. That’s most of it,anyway…’
~Me trying to explain the plot of Star Wars to a friend

Quizzie of the update:

THAT was unexpected! I didn’t mind Fleur,though,she was an interesting character,if a bit mean…