Yes,you read that right…photos,of all things. ^_^ Found them on my mum’s computer hard drive,thought I’d put them up…perhaps I’m mental. ^^ They’re all from Disneyland,last year.

Number one

Okay,so you can’t really see me properly,since it’s all in silloetes. But,it’s a good photo,even though I can’t remember who took it. And I can’t spell today.

Number two

My brothers are in most of these pictures,too. -_-;; This is us outside our hotel…Sequioa Lodge. It’s one really,really nice hotel. ^^

Number three

Near the lake…I’m wearing my necklace in all these pics. ^_^ I’m never seen without that thing…

Number four

The Disneyland castle…big image. ^^

Number five

Just a cropped version of the previous one.

Well,those are the pictures. One of the good things about them is you can’t see my spots in any of them…still,now you know what I look like-lucky you. ^_^;;

Random: There are two upper schools in my area. One gets time off to watch the World Cup. The other doesn’t. The one that does is not my school. Fairness,anyone?

Random #2: A teacher walked into my German class,announced that David Beckham had broken his leg,waited for the gasps of horror and then told us it was a joke. Okaaayyy…

Fanfiction: I finished The Cupboard Under The Stairs,but I haven’t uploaded it all yet. I’m still uploading it to chapter by chapter instead of all at once,and I would have put chapter 4 up today,but the site’s playing up. Also,I got another SW plot bunny last night. Dangit.

Sites: Uploaded a few linkie buttons to my Ken Shrine. ^^

Quote of the entry: ‘To the world you are one person,but to one person you might be the world.’~Anon