Use the force

Seen Star Wars: Episode II today!

And now,I get to try film reviewing for the first time. ^_^

First off: Remember my old clique,Fandom? That does it: I’m making it a Star Wars layout. Some of the shots in this movie are just unbelievable. Like at the beginning…I loved all of that.

Next thing: I’ve only seen two other SWs movies…Empire Strikes Back and The Phantom Menace. So forgive any mistakes (and there will be plenty. ~_^)

Okay,on to the proper review:

The acting: Hayden and Natalie (you know who they play…Anakin and Amadala) were,as almost everyone has said, (don’t say wooden,don’t say wooden…)um,kinda bad at the beginning. But then they get loads better. Yes,the romance lines are terribly cliched,but they’re bearable. Ewan McGregor rocks. I really liked the fighting in the rain scene,with Boba Fett’s dad-dangit,forgot his name,gotta go look it up-Jango. That was it. And also:
‘We’ve come to rescue you.’
*looks up at chained hands* ‘Good job.’
But you’ll have to scroll further down for my favorite line from him. Anyway,he was just cool-and my mother just informed me he is married. Hmph. Moving on…
Whenever I see young Boba Fett,I keep thinking of this one SW poster of him later on that’s in my brother’s bedroom. That good or bad? I thought he was quite cool,anyways. And that one scene at the end with the helmet…well,I won’t spoil it.

Jar-Jar! Yes,he’s back. I am one of those demonic beings who doesn’t mind Jar-Jar. Although I have only seen Phantom Menace once,and that a few years ago,so if I ever see it again,I might find him the most annoying thing in the galaxy. I think I heard my friend say he was funny,and nothing at all about him being annoying,so maybe there are actually several demonic beings lurking around. ^_^ Jar-Jar is only in the movie for a few minutes,anyway. I read on a message board ‘It was Jar-Jar’s fault!’ and seeing the movie I understood that. Although I think he’s more of a scrapegoat really.

C3PO was okay. The head-swapping thing and ‘Did I just say that?’ got a few laughs. We didn’t see a lot of R2D2…I was hoping there’d be more. I like that droid.

Christopher Lee was cool,but being the FOTR fan that I am now,I can’t stop thinking of him as Saruman. And the fact that he says almost the EXACT same things to Obi-Wan in this that he says to Gandalf in FOTR,doesn’t help matters. ^_^

And finally…Yoda! Oh my god. Even though I’m not the world’s biggest SW fan,havin only seen 3 of the movies now,that was AMAZING. That lightsabre duel absoulutly roxed,and I liked that line ‘Lost a planet,Obi-Wan has. How embarassing.’ Lol! And Mace Windu kicks ass too. I heard he asked for a purple lightsabre specially. Which is cool,everyone else’s is either green or blue,or red for the bad guys. (Don’t you get pink or yellow or orange…never mind)

My favourite scene was Corusant. WHOA. Closely followed by Yoda’s scene. My friend (Emma,BTW) was talking about that all the way home.

Oh,and I haven’t mentioned the scene after Shmi dies…(big spoiler!). That was scary. And when Anakin talks about it afterwards…

The day ended with me and Emma cracking up and flinging water at each other in the toilets. Had to say that because it was funny,I was scared someone would walk in and then run straight out. ^_^

Oh and later,I was tempted to buy a mini-lightsabre. I didn’t though,having spent most of my cash on ice cream,McDonalds and the like. Yes,I want a lightsabre now. ^_^ My offical rating of the movie? 4 stars.

And the best,best,best part?

I get to see it again tomorrow! :D

Sites: Will work on that SW Fandom layout…when I find some really good images. ^^ There was one in a book I was reading in Ottakar’s that I simply loved. Also,must work on that LOTR site…

Fanfiction: I’ve just finished writing two chapters of my Harry Potter fanfic,Of Mudbloods And Green Serpents. You can find it at Starlit Blue and review it at,should you want to. ^_^ It’s about a Muggleborn girl going to Hogwarts,making friends with Ron,Harry,Hermione and co,and…wait for it…getting Sorted into Slytherin. Better than it sounds,and the girl is anything but a Mary Sue. I think. ^_^;; My character,Sonia,is bullied badly by the Slytherins for being a Muggleborn,and in one of the chapters the leader says something about not wanting pictures of ‘mingy mudbloods’ in the dorm,and she hits the picture of Sonia’s (dead) brother to the floor and treads on it. I actually nearly cried writing that bit,but I don’t know if the writing is actually good.
I talk too much about my own fanfiction.

Quote of the entry: ‘Why do I get the feeling you’ll be the death of me?’~Obi-Wan Kanobi,Star Wars episode II. Now there’s some foreshadowing!