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1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs
2. Find pictures and post them
3. Give the name of the OTP and what fandom they’re from
4. List your favorite moment between them
5. Tag 5 people from your flist to do this meme

1. Ash and Misty-Pokemon
Because, you know, first ever OTP ;)

Favorite moment: Probably the end of the second movie, when she drags him out of the water (see icon)

2. Harry and Peter-Spiderman
There isn’t really a reason for this one. I just like it. A lot.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Favourite moment: See picture. :)

3. Ken and Miyako-Digimon
My second OTP ;)

Favourite moment: God, I haven’t watched Digimon in ages…ummm…I’ll just say the ending for now, because heck- not often that an OTP becomes canon, really. :D

4. Ron and Hermione-Harry Potter
Because when all’s said and done, it’s probably the most likely to happen…

Favourite moment: Ah…what is it…’Ron, looking quite terrified, patted her on top of the head.’

5. Padme and Anakin-Star Wars
It seemed fairly believeable to me. ;)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Favourite moment: I actually quite like the meadow scene: ‘That sounds an awful lot like a dictatorship to me.’

And in return I tag:


I did have time after all. :)

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1. changetheworldlj 2. changetheworldbase 3. 4. 5. throughlj

6. laughinglj 7. brotherslj 8. arefallinglj 9. deceitlj 10. owenlj

11. neverlj 12. queenlj 13. gandalflj 14. battlelj 15. pitylj 16. decisionslj 17.fadelj

18. anamarialj 19. freedomlj 20. monkeyjacklj 21. deservedlj 22. cursedlj 23. elizabethlj 24. hatlj 25. willfirelj 26. potcgirlslj 27. rescuelj 28. swordsmanlj 29.kisslj

30. timetoflylj 31. followlj 32. braverysm2lj 33. citylightslj 34. citylightsbase 35. theonelj 36. whatsgonelj 37. cantlj 38. lazylj

39. siblinglj 40. fearslj 41. waterlj 42. mermaidlj 43. pkmnfriendshiplj 44. jirarudanlj45. writerlj

Brushes by calixa and quebelly, Spiderman screencaps by oxoniensis :)

1-won Mod’s choice at hp_chorus
6-was entered at sw_chorus
8 & 9-repeat after me: ‘There needs to be more Lando icons’
30-got second place at sm_chorus
31-won Mod’s choice at sm_chorus
32-made from one of the bases of an icon in this songset I made, posted at the_ockult


Was just about to make a somewhat uninteresting entry, then went to check my email and found that the fanlistings.org had approved my application for the Otto/Rosie fanlisting, and hotmail sorted it right into the junk mail folder. Waa.

Anyway…the somewhat uninteresting entry.

What Pokemon Human Character are you? Click here
to see!

What DigiDestined are you?

What Spyro character are you?

<IMG SRC=”http://www.heartstars.net/person/youarebant1.gif&#8221;
what Jedi
Apprentice character are you?

Hmmm…I think my results have changed since I last did these. I always get Brock on the Pokemon test, got Sora last time I did the Digimon one but now have switched to Takeru, got Bianca last time I did the Spyro one but now have switched to Elora, and always get Bant on the JA one, even if I cheat. :)

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OMG I have a paid account and FIFTEEN ICONS now. Woot.


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Harry Potter

1. savedyoulj 2. sunshinelj 3. notlj 4. stormlj 5. witchlj 6. ginnydeanlj 7. eternitylj 8. somethinglj 9. huglj 10. twelveyearslj


11. harmonylj 12. wrecklj 13. greatguardianlj 14. willfaillj 15. ashlj 16. allthreelj 17. tamelj 18. sphereslj 19. differencelj 20. shrinelj 21. healedlj 22. songlj

-Brush credits: quebelly and crumblingwalls
-Fanart on 9 and 10 by yukipon
-And credit to teh_indy for some of the screencaps


Pokepost (mostly)

Y’know…I miss Pokemon. I really do. But they stopped playing it on the four measely channels I get, and I slowly stopped updating my Pokewebsite, and…*sigh*. But I still have my Pokemon poster opposite my bed. That’s it. Movies are left unwatched, message boards are left unvisited, stuffed Pikachus fall behind the shelf and get left there. :(

Ash and the others, however, can be Pokemon Masters in my head… :(

…jeez, I hate it when I’m in moods like this. I should do something useful. There’s a fic-quote meme going round, I should do that or something. But most of my favourite quotes from my fanfiction are from posts that haven’t gone up yet.

As an added note, I really, really like the most recent chapter of GST:Making. It’s just sort of depressing/dark and amusing at the same time. I’ve always liked it when I’m able to do that. :D Don’t do it very often…

I was going to do a long Pokefic at one point. Something tells me I won’t find the time. -_-;;

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