Life is like a motorway…

Don’t ask. ^_^ That,in fact,is almost a quote from one of my fanfics. I gave in and wrote the last two chapters of The Cupboard Under The Stairs today. Well,why not? I knew what was going to happen,and I’ll post them at the proper time. ^^ The full quote,for those who care,is Life,Harry thought, was like standing in the middle of a motorway…cars were always zooming past,on and on and on,and sometimes you’d get hit by one. But sometimes,people came out of the cars and joined you on the motorway,and if it was a really busy motorway,they might get
hit too,but they were there all the same.

And I don’t know which corner of my brain that came from!

Today has been a Fanfic Writing Day. There was very little else to do. -_- I wanted to go to this place in town called the Krazy Kraft Cafe,but it was closed. I wrote a half-hearted chapter of this old Digimon fic called Protectors and I don’t think I’ll ever finish that fanfic. Guess I’ll just let it rest in peace. I added another chapter onto Shadows,part of my Spyro The Dragon fanfic. You see,I’ve planned the whole thing already…The full thing is called Avalar. The first part is from Bianca’s POV,the second part from Elora’s,the third part from Hunter’s,and the part which is actually called Avalar,from nobody’s. I like my OC character,Kolyra,Elora’s cousin. She’s cool. ^_^ I also uploaded the tenth part of Of Mudbloods and Green Serpents. You learn a little about Mandy in this one. And finally…a Sora fic. I had a idea for one called Thunderstorms,but I’m not writing it yet. This one is a Jun-and-Sora friendship,half inspired by all the World Cup mania. ^^ They play football. I quite like it really…it’s here.
^_^ Dunno if it’ll get any reviews though…you know what the Digimon fandom thinks of Jun and Sora…

Well,today has been interesting,fanfic-wise. ^^

Dad bought a whiteboard for the kitchen. ^_^ I spent ages writing things on it…tonight’s menu (‘Anything you can find in the cupboard that’s not past it’s sell-by date…’) tonight’s TV (‘things I’m not allowed to watch even though everyone else is…’) and also ‘Welcome to the Barrett whiteboard. Please leave a message after the beep. Beep.’ Heh.

Quote of the update: “Okay…call him Loo Roll.” George on naming Sonia’s owl,Of Mudbloods and Green Serpents (well,if I’m going to spend all entry talking about my own fanfiction,I might as well do it properly…)

Tomorrow I’ll be closer to that dream I held…

I spent nearly all of flippin’ yesterday making a new layout for my Sora shrine and it’s still not finished!

I had to learn how to make those javascript scroll things. I’m quite proud of it so far…it looks quite nice. ^_^

Apart from that,I did literally nothing yesterday. It was really hot yesterday,so my parents spent all day sunbathing,and got sunburnt. I don’t like being out in the really hot sun too long,
but today we’re going for a walk somewhere.

What else have I been doing? I found some more Douglas Adams books in our bookcase. I’ll read them tonight…

*reads back* Man this is a boring entry. ^_~

Random: Rebel againest aubergines!…nevermind

Sites: I made more buttons for PH and IWY. Some of them are good and some of them aren’t. ^^; I’ll make more sometimes…

Site I feel like plugging: Butterfly! one of my all-time favorite Digimon sites…

Fanfiction: Thinking about writing a short Sora fic called Thunderstorms…

Quote of the entry: “Just one more thing.”
“Why do I wanna throw up whenever you say ‘one more thing’?”
~Izzy and Tai,Digimon

Just A Normal Day…

Yep. I don’t really have a lot to write about,just quizzie results and fanfics to plug…

Not a lot happened at school. My friends are treating me better,but they still treat Kelly (the girl I talked about last entry) like dirt. Like dirt who they can occasionally get chocolate/crisps etc off. *rolls eyes* Yes,she is annoying. But they don’t have to treat her the way they do…

Next week is half term. I have decided to rent all the Star Wars videos and watch them. I probably won’t be allowed,though. -_-;;

Random: I got a new backpack…

Site I Currently Feel Like Plugging: Red Sparkles,my Harry Potter fansite. It REALLY needs a new layout…

Fanfiction: New fanfic! A Harry Potter one…The Cupboard Under the Stairs,Harry Potter’s life before Hogwarts. I’ve invented two new characters,Marcus and Kayleigh,and I think I know what I’ll do to them…although I might not. ^_^;;

Quote of the entry: “Draco Malfoy,the amazing bouncing ferret…”~Ron,HP and the Goblet Of Fire

Quiz of the entry:

Which Star Wars character are you?

I’m…JAR JAR?! *falls over* Dangit. I wanted to be any of the Jedi. Or a Sith. ^_^

Friends. Can’t live with ’em and can’t live without ’em.

Today,I am writing from a school computer,in school. What a momentous occasion.

…I really can’t stand my friends sometime. They seem to really like things like leaving me out,tripping me up,and throwing my pencilcase around the room. Is that what friends are *supposed* to do? Someone answer me here?

They just don’t seem to care,and I get the feeling that one day I’ll just snap and scream at them,making an idiot out of myself. I keep going off with my one other friend,who none of them like,to the room I’m in now,and reading or typing or some other such thing. Sometimes I wonder if they don’t like me because I’m her friend. Why don’t they like her? She’s annoying and loud,and yes,I have times when I don’t like her too. But everyone has times when they don’t like other people…although it must be said that not many people like her. I get asked about 23434 times a week ‘Why do you like her?’

…I think she might come over here and look at this in a minute…

Don’t think they’re all bad…they’re not. We can laugh together and stuff sometimes. Just not so often now. I’m starting to think it’s probably all my fault somehow,since I’m quiet and like things like reading and writing,and they don’t so much. I suppose I’m a bit of a wimp/dork/loser/take your pick….

*shrugs* Back to school. Today we had a Arabian Feast in English. I love our English lessons,we have a really great teacher. *smiles*
Then there’s Maths and Biology,which you don’t want me to waste precious time taking about,believe me. And afterwards French and Geography…why am I writing all this?

At least today is Friday. Thank whatever for Fridays.

Use the force

Seen Star Wars: Episode II today!

And now,I get to try film reviewing for the first time. ^_^

First off: Remember my old clique,Fandom? That does it: I’m making it a Star Wars layout. Some of the shots in this movie are just unbelievable. Like at the beginning…I loved all of that.

Next thing: I’ve only seen two other SWs movies…Empire Strikes Back and The Phantom Menace. So forgive any mistakes (and there will be plenty. ~_^)

Okay,on to the proper review:

The acting: Hayden and Natalie (you know who they play…Anakin and Amadala) were,as almost everyone has said, (don’t say wooden,don’t say wooden…)um,kinda bad at the beginning. But then they get loads better. Yes,the romance lines are terribly cliched,but they’re bearable. Ewan McGregor rocks. I really liked the fighting in the rain scene,with Boba Fett’s dad-dangit,forgot his name,gotta go look it up-Jango. That was it. And also:
‘We’ve come to rescue you.’
*looks up at chained hands* ‘Good job.’
But you’ll have to scroll further down for my favorite line from him. Anyway,he was just cool-and my mother just informed me he is married. Hmph. Moving on…
Whenever I see young Boba Fett,I keep thinking of this one SW poster of him later on that’s in my brother’s bedroom. That good or bad? I thought he was quite cool,anyways. And that one scene at the end with the helmet…well,I won’t spoil it.

Jar-Jar! Yes,he’s back. I am one of those demonic beings who doesn’t mind Jar-Jar. Although I have only seen Phantom Menace once,and that a few years ago,so if I ever see it again,I might find him the most annoying thing in the galaxy. I think I heard my friend say he was funny,and nothing at all about him being annoying,so maybe there are actually several demonic beings lurking around. ^_^ Jar-Jar is only in the movie for a few minutes,anyway. I read on a message board ‘It was Jar-Jar’s fault!’ and seeing the movie I understood that. Although I think he’s more of a scrapegoat really.

C3PO was okay. The head-swapping thing and ‘Did I just say that?’ got a few laughs. We didn’t see a lot of R2D2…I was hoping there’d be more. I like that droid.

Christopher Lee was cool,but being the FOTR fan that I am now,I can’t stop thinking of him as Saruman. And the fact that he says almost the EXACT same things to Obi-Wan in this that he says to Gandalf in FOTR,doesn’t help matters. ^_^

And finally…Yoda! Oh my god. Even though I’m not the world’s biggest SW fan,havin only seen 3 of the movies now,that was AMAZING. That lightsabre duel absoulutly roxed,and I liked that line ‘Lost a planet,Obi-Wan has. How embarassing.’ Lol! And Mace Windu kicks ass too. I heard he asked for a purple lightsabre specially. Which is cool,everyone else’s is either green or blue,or red for the bad guys. (Don’t you get pink or yellow or orange…never mind)

My favourite scene was Corusant. WHOA. Closely followed by Yoda’s scene. My friend (Emma,BTW) was talking about that all the way home.

Oh,and I haven’t mentioned the scene after Shmi dies…(big spoiler!). That was scary. And when Anakin talks about it afterwards…

The day ended with me and Emma cracking up and flinging water at each other in the toilets. Had to say that because it was funny,I was scared someone would walk in and then run straight out. ^_^

Oh and later,I was tempted to buy a mini-lightsabre. I didn’t though,having spent most of my cash on ice cream,McDonalds and the like. Yes,I want a lightsabre now. ^_^ My offical rating of the movie? 4 stars.

And the best,best,best part?

I get to see it again tomorrow! :D

Sites: Will work on that SW Fandom layout…when I find some really good images. ^^ There was one in a book I was reading in Ottakar’s that I simply loved. Also,must work on that LOTR site…

Fanfiction: I’ve just finished writing two chapters of my Harry Potter fanfic,Of Mudbloods And Green Serpents. You can find it at Starlit Blue and review it at,should you want to. ^_^ It’s about a Muggleborn girl going to Hogwarts,making friends with Ron,Harry,Hermione and co,and…wait for it…getting Sorted into Slytherin. Better than it sounds,and the girl is anything but a Mary Sue. I think. ^_^;; My character,Sonia,is bullied badly by the Slytherins for being a Muggleborn,and in one of the chapters the leader says something about not wanting pictures of ‘mingy mudbloods’ in the dorm,and she hits the picture of Sonia’s (dead) brother to the floor and treads on it. I actually nearly cried writing that bit,but I don’t know if the writing is actually good.
I talk too much about my own fanfiction.

Quote of the entry: ‘Why do I get the feeling you’ll be the death of me?’~Obi-Wan Kanobi,Star Wars episode II. Now there’s some foreshadowing!

you don’t want to be alone and the only one,with the trees and the lakes and the summertime sun…

Yay! First nice sunny day in several weeks. ^_^

First off,I am again thanking everyone who PMed me about that other entry. *hugs through cyberspace*

Today was an average sort of day. I’m getting sort of freaked out about people calling me names behind my back. I. Hate. My. Spots. So. Much. Shyness and an unpretty face are the absolute worst match in the universe.

I’m still wondering about that last entry I posted about a certain obnoxious thing. I mean,now *I’m* talking about *him* behind *his* back,so was that revenge or not? *ponders* Bet it would be real revenge,though,if I mentioned his name. I shall refer to him from now on as ORC. The C stands for his name,and a lot of people know now what Orc means.

Today,the lady who takes my little brother back from school bought me a Arwen Burger King toy from a charity shop. ^_^ That’s so nice…I told my brother to thank her,although I doubt he’ll remember. It is on top of my TV,inbetween my plastic SeaWorld killer whale and my cereal box Spyro toy. ^_^ Again,I am so sad.

Random: My backpack is scaring me. What? No,really. It smells really bad inside it,like a crazy mixture of BO,perfume and trainers,and I have to keep it really tightly closed so no-one can smell anything. Pity really,I was becoming quite attached to that backpack,even if it is falling to pieces.

Sites: Working on a new layout for AGCJ. Will probably upload it tomorrow. See the subject? That’s part of the layout,written below the image. Oh,and Shandy got back to me about this LOTR site I’m making. She sent me loads of character stuff. ^_^

Site I feel like plugging: Addiction,a Kenyako (Digimon) site. Been going there for ages.

Site of mine I feel like plugging:My forums

Quote of the entry: “Just go with the flow. Sometimes it’s better not to ask questions.” ~Jesse,Pokemon

Quiz of the entry:


You are Kermit!
Though you’re technically the star, you’re pretty mellow and don’t mind letting others share the spotlight. You are also something of a dreamer.

I love the Muppets. ^_^

A Somewhat Normal Diary Entry

Mehopes (is that a word?) that last entry wasn’t too depressing…

Anyway,today I realised that at least twice since I got this journal,I’ve been going round begging people to read it/join the friends list/whatever. -_-;; And then I realised that that was actually pretty dumb. So I won’t do it anymore!

Sarah’s Day:

Eh,I don’t like school all that much. I’m just a total geek,and boy do the other kids know it. *thinks for a while* In PSR,we all have to do an essay ‘Who Am I And Why Am I Like What I Am’ which will be shortened,in this journal,to ‘WAIAWAILWIA.’
Mine is okay. Two A4 pages. Kids in the past have done twenty-six,or more. 0.o

It turned out far..weirder…then I expected it to. And more honest. I actually found myself MENTIONING how my appearance rules my life even though I can’t stand people whose appearance rules their life and stuff that would normally be written in my RL journal,like how it’s hard to be miserable when the sunlight’s coming into your room and you’re writing away at your story (which you don’t know about) like crazy and stuff like that.

Whew. Anyway,at lunchtime,Jo and Emma attacked people. (They’re going to kill me for using their real names). No-one was seriously hurt. I walking home from school with a girl in my class,and we discussed mobile phones and GCSES.

Speaking of which,I’m getting a mobile phone. ^_^ My cousin says she’s giving her old one to me,and will bring it round sometime. Cool.

There is one thing on my mind right now: I think I’m self-centered. I don’t know though,and it’s kinda hard to walk up to someone and say ‘Hey,am I self-centered?’ Although it might be funny. ^_^

Site I feel like plugging: This one. It has TONS of images from The Lord Of The Rings movie. I’ve saved most of the ones featuring Aragorn,Boromir and Legolas to my hard drive…^_^

Quote of the entry: “I have no idea how clouds get formed,but the clouds know how to do it and that’s the most important thing.” ~from a magizine,in a feature called Bottom Of The Class,featuring all the daft things girls have said in exams. I just REALLY liked that one. Whoever wrote it,go you. ^_^

Quiz of the entry:

Which HP Kid Are You?

*squee* Ginny’s adorable. Specially in that picture. ^^

That was bloody brilliant

Yes,I now own the HP movie. ^_^

And yesterday I got two new tops,new trousers,a copy of The Silmarillion and a beach towel…

My family went shopping at Milton Keynes,and I wound up with the clothes and towel,and got the other stuff from Amazon. And Dad bought most of it…Mwahahaha. I’m a daddy’s girl. -_-;;

I ADORE one of the bookshops at MK. It’s called Ottakar’s,and they have a small Tolkien section,and a children’s section,complete with this machine where you,um,turn wheels and levers and…make a lot of balls bounce around. ^^;; If I had to work in a bookshop,I’d work in that one. Annnnway…

I started reading the Sil and WHOA. It’s complex. I had to keep going back pages and looking at the index,but that’s half the fun,really…
When I started reading LOTR (after the movie..yep),I thought up a couple of fanfic ideas,but I didn’t really want to start them yet. LOTR fanfiction is tricky because there’s so much STUFF you need to know,and I promised myself I wouldn’t write any fanfiction until I’d at least read the Sil,because…Well,look at a lot of LOTR fanfiction on Not to be mean,but not many read the books,I believe…and a lot of it is A/L slash. I don’t mind slash at all,but how come it’s always those two? Is it because they’re the cutest? ^^ And there’s countless ‘girl visits Middle-Earth’ Mary-Sue types. But there’s plenty of good stuff there,too…

Back to the HP movie…I can’t WAIT for POA. I have a minor obsession with posters (two LOTR,two HP,one seriously bad home-made on computer Digimon one,two Pokemon,two Disney ones,one featuring two dolphins,and a few assorted others) and I’ve saved a space on my wall so I can get a HP&POA one,when it’s out. ^_^
Ah yes,I am sad…

Random: If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no-one around to hear it,does it make a sound? (what…?)

Site I feel like plugging: Sugar Quill,a HP fanfic site. The message board is one of the nicest places around. ^_^

Site of mine I feel like plugging: the forums,my message board. Not many people go there,but hey…

Quote of the update: “What happened in the dungeons is a complete secret,so,naturally,the whole school knows.”~Dumbledore,Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,book and movie. ~_^

Oh look. ^_^ Sarah has a LJ.

I’ve been seeing people with these things for ages,never thought I’d wind up getting one myself…

In this diary entry,I’ll just introduce myself,then we can get onto the interesting stuff. My name is Sarah,and I come from a town called Leighton Buzzard,Where Nothing Much Goes On. I attend high school,and wish I didn’t. I love to write,I write fanfiction and an original story which I’d love to see published one day…although I don’t know. I run a website called,it features lots of fansites and that sort of thing. So far,there’s three shrines to Digimon characters,a Harry Potter site,a digimon Couples site,a clique,a personal page,and a Pokemon mega-site. I’m also working on sites for Spyro the Dragon and Lord Of The Rings,but we’ll see how that goes.

…Anyway. Journal entry number one ends here. ^_^

Random: Tomorrow I get the Harry Potter movie…

Sites: Starlit Blue & IWY updated today.

Site I feel like plugging: Imladris,my absoulute favorite Tolkien forum. In fact,the only one I post on. ^_^ My username there is Lady Sarah. Come and chat and laugh…and swoon! ^_^

Site of mine I feel like plugging: Spirit Of Song,part of my Pokemon site. It’s a mini-shrine to Melody from Movie Two…

Quote of the entry: “Ford,you’re turning into a penguin. Stop it.”~Arthur,Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Online quizzies/tests of the entry:

Which LOTR Woman are you?

*squeal* Yay! Eowyn’s my favorite LOTR girl,and the one I relate to most…