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So, today would be results day, then.

Someone! Make me feel better by commenting on the fanvid below this post which I was really proud of but is sitting there lonely and unloved! For nothing sucks more than something you loved doing sitting on it’s own in a post with no comments. :(

*has no shame*

A To-Do List

For the fandom-related stuff only:

-Work on revising and then updating the Really Long Spider-Man Fanfic
-Post the new Doctor Who Icon set
-Finish V for Vendetta mood theme
-Finish DW fanfic-
1) The One About Adam and Torchwood
2) The One About Martha
3) The Mickey/Jackie After Doomsday One
-At least think about the Really Very Interesting And Probably Never Done Before Star Wars Fanfic

…or I could just go play video games, w00t.

Exam results tomorrow. *quivers*

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Blimey, this icon went down well. So well, in fact, that I have been forced to make it my default merely because I use it so much. XD

Maybe I should do some for the rest of the cast-

Rose Tyler: A Gryffindor In Mascara
Reinette Poisson: A Genuine Historical Ravenclaw
Jack Harkness: Some Gryffindors Will Shag Anything
Jackie Tyler: A Hufflepuff Without A Machine Gun

Or something. Anyone up for that? :)


-Don’t hotlink
-Textless icons are not bases
-Feel free to nominate anywhere
-More stuff at Starlit Blue
-Enjoy! :)

DW screencaps from time-and-space, LOM ones from here.

1. littlereinettelj 2. rosegitflj 3. jackieaoglj 4. mickeyww3lj 5. mickeyaoslj 6. rosetylerfallslj 7. jackannoyedlj 8.  jacktardislj 9. doctormoonlj 10. handpornlj 11. mickeyhufflepufflj

Heroine Addict icons (a phrase coined by cleolinda?)

12. heroine1lj 13. heroine2lj 14. heroine3lj 15. heroine4lj

16. mars1lj 17. mars2lj 18. mars3lj 19. mars4lj 20. mars5lj 21. mars6lj 22. mars7lj 23. mars8lj 24. mars9lj 25. mars10lj 26. mars11lj 27. mars12lj 28. mars13lj 29. mars14lj

29 = I reckon this one needs text, so you may as well add your own. :)