The War On Earth (1/8)

Oh my god, it’s done! One chapter will be posted every day, hopefully. Or possibly two. We’ll see.
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Title: The War On Earth
Author: sarah531
Rating: PG13, possibly bordering on R
A Sequel To: Turn of the Earth and all related ficlets (but it just about makes sense without it)
Characters: Trisha Delaney, Shareen Costello, Maggie and Thomas Finch (Clive’s wife and son), Elton Pope, many OCs
Summary: Bad Wolf went everywhere, including people’s heads. That in itself would be troublesome enough without half a million Daleks destroying your planet. Or having the man who changed your life leave to defend an alternate universe. Or knowing that the person who saved Rose Tyler is not coming to save you.

This is the other story of war on Earth.


Another dilemma

And once again DW related. DW fanfiction related…

What’s better? A happy ending or an ambigious one? Because towards the ending there is a question, and the answer from almost all the characters is ‘I don’t know’. The ending can either reinforce that, or it can say ‘Actually..the answer is more yes.’ Hmmm.

Oh, all right. The question is in fact, ‘Is the Doctor worth the monsters?’ and the story can either end with Rose crying on the beach -saying to the reader ‘Well, decide for yourself. If she gets over it, maybe the answer’s yes. If she doesn’t, guess it’s a no.’ Or it can end with Rose taking Mickey’s hand and saying ‘Let’s go defend the Earth’ – this time saying to the reader ‘Looks like the answer’s yes, then.’ Oh, I don’t know. I really don’t know. But the happy ending is a sort of redemption for Rose, and…*groans* It’s so complicated. Dammit.

A Moral Dilemma (DW related)

You remember Doomsday? Course you do.

Right! Imagine it’s right after that, on planet Earth. Millions of people are dead and the world is in chaos. But- this is quite important- you happen to know, (through contact with people like Mickey Smith and Elton Pope) that the Doctor had something to do with the founding of Torchwood, and Torchwood had something to do with what happened- all the death. That’s not all you know- you know the Doctor travels with Rose Tyler, and you know that the two of them apparently save people and probably saved your world once or twice- even on Doomsday itself. You’ve also seen Mickey Smith leave with the Doctor and never return- you know from Jackie what became of him, but you quietly wish he hadn’t gone.

You’ve never met the Doctor yourself, although you did know Rose a little. You think the Doctor changes people, for better or for worse. And you are still in shock from the millions of deaths.

So…one day you find Mickey’s flat open and you walk inside. You find a certain disk lying on a table, and you realise what it is. It’s a virus given to Mickey by the Doctor himself, designed to wipe out all mention of him. So no-one will ever be able to go looking for him.

You’ve seen the Daleks and the Cybermen and the Torchwood War. You’ve heard about what happened to Ursula Blake. You know about a bloke called Clive who was killed in front of his family. You’ve seen Jackie Tyler alone and afraid. And you’ve seen Mickey Smith grow into a hero, watched the Sycorax leave you alone, been saved from Daleks by something not unlike a deux ex machina, and heard the Prime Minister of all people begging this man for help. Furthermore, if not for the chain of events that the Doctor started, you would not have your best friend or the life you live now.

You’ve seen both love and monsters and now you have the disk. What do you do?

(p.s. I think I know what she will do, in my story. But I’m curious to know some other thoughts…)

Those bedroom pictures

So here be my university room. Bit boring at the moment- this weekend I’m going to bring my TV and VCR up here (because I want to watch Robin Hood, yo). Might also need a Freeview box for Torchwood, but am a little short on cash.


room4My bed

My sink

My door

Er, took this one by accident. :p

Now, how am I going to get my TV to Leicester…

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Hi everybody! I’m at university and quite enjoying myself. :) I may put up pictures of my somewhat bare room, if anybody wants to see them?

I must go shopping. I lost my knife and fork and only brought one plate along. And I need a top to go clubbing in. And a job. A job would help a lot. :)

(by the way? who_otp‘s drabble tag is pretty close to being the best thing ever.)

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

Omg, you know who Helena should play if she doesn’t get Maria? Christine from Phantom! She would look the part…and I have a feeling Connie’s going to beat her anyway. She’s been the obvious choice since day one, really. I might even vote for her…

p.s. Writing this from my new laptop, in my bedroom. Finally, I can write and be next to the telly at the same time. ;)