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Before we start: This movie is TEH EYE CANDY.

And now…the awards.

Most Underused Character: Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron…and did we mention Ron?

Most Overused Character: Hermione Granger and the Boy Who Casts A Patronus, Finds His Godfather And Does Some Other Things Too, anyone?

Best CGI: Dementors. Beaky comes in a close second.

Best Little Moment: Peter’s little wave before escaping. Evil…

Best Little Thing: The portraits. The PORTRAITS!

Thing That Made Me Ponder: Invisible!Harry pulls a Slytherin’s trousers down. A nod to Snape’s Worst Memory, maybe?

Thing That Annoys Me Far More Than It Should: Hermione’s pink outfit. She is just not a pink person!

Line That Annoys Me Far More Than It Should: ‘Does my hair look that bad from the back?!’ *rollseyes*

Line That Made Me Emit A Small, Sad Moaning Noise In The Theatre: ‘We’ll get a house…in the country…where he can see the sky. I think he’d like that after Azkaban…’

Scene Most Blatantly Filmed After The Release Of OOTP: See above.

Ship Alfonso Cuaron Most Blatantly Supports: Either R/S, R/H or H/H. I can’t decide! (Ooh wait…throw Remus/Lily into the mix there, as well)

Thing That I Hope Someone Will Prove Me Wrong About: They spent ‘Moony’ wrong. It had an extra E…

Thing That Simultaneously Annoys And Intrigues Me: The stones Hermione throws at Hagrid’s hut to get them out of there.

Favourite Actor: Gary Oldman. He fits my image of Sirius almost perfectly. :D And in the beginning of the Shrieking Shack scene, he really did seem insane…and he’s supposed to!

Favourite Scene: Sirius looking up at the castle, Harry coming and joining him. (Okay…it’s getting harder and harder to tell who my favourite characters are, right?) ;)

Favourite Scene Not In Book: (Yeah, alright, I know the above could be awarded this but…) The Gryffindor boys in their dorm having fun.

Scene Which Cracked The Theatre Up: ‘The spiders! They’re making me tapdance!’

Most Disturbing Concept: Peter transforms into a rat…

…and he leaves his clothes behind. Eek.

OOTP rambles

I am going to see POA on Monday.

I was bored out of my mind. I was surfing LiveJournal and going to all the Harry Potter coms. I was reading essays on the wizarding world and who’s wrong and who’s right…

…and it just sort of hit me…HP isn’t a kid’s fantasy world anymore. It isn’t the movie music and the Lego sets, and it isn’t the posters on my wall. It has human beings in it. And with OOTP, that point was really driven home. Hermione’s a good friend and intelligent, but she isn’t nice to Luna and what she did to Marietta could be a whole essay. Sirius is Harry’s godfather and one of the few people who’re always honest with him, but he’s got several hundred truckloads of issues. Dumbledore was always the Wise Mentor person, but he’s been lying to Harry, and locked Sirius up in Grimmauld Place and thought he wouldn’t care. And now it seems everyone’s rethinking their opinions of characters. Remus Lupin is a nice guy, and one of JKR’s favourites…but he didn’t tell Dumbledore about Sirius being an Animagi, did he? Because he was too afraid. So is he a coward now? And come to think of it, Dumbledore taking away the Slytherin’s victory in PS wasn’t very nice at all…it’s been there all along, we just never saw it! And Hagrid always liked dangerous creatures, so we should’ve guessed it’d lead to something bad…and so on.

So that’s it really. The characters are human now, and we’re going to love them and we’re going to hate them and hopefully they’ll come through in the end. I think it’s likely that OOTP will prove to be the darkest book in the series, and in book six (I wish we had a title…) things will start to look up. Well, I hope so. I really hope so.

But it’s incredibly depressing to learn no-one’s all hero.

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I love fanart. I could quite happily spend an entire day browsing the web looking for the stuff. There’s just one tiny catch: I can’t draw anything myself. Which quite annoys me really. You have no idea how long I’ve spent smacking myself for not taking Art at school.

*smacks self*

Anyway, I did this today in PSP7. It took quite a while. It’s supposed to be Lily, James and Sirius behind the veil. I would absolutely LOVE it if someone gave concrit of some sort. Like telling me how to draw hands and legs and the like. ;) Even if you told me ‘Never ever go near anything vaguely resembling a paint program again!’ I’d probably forgive you. ;)

(BTW…the thing Sirius is holding is meant to be the two-way mirror…)

WIP meme

Nicked from a lot of people.

Green Stone Trilogy

Qui-Gon: So far we’ve already had battles, foreshadowing, darksiders, mysterious events, deaths, foreshadowing, poetry, new planets, very short chapters, and foreshadowing. This fic will never end. Ever.

Obi-Wan: I am angsty.
Qui-Gon: I am even angstier.
Dreammaster: And I am working for Sidious and have trapped you in a really bizarre place where you can’t see the other and I get to laugh at you both.
Mace: I’m going to disappear halfway through the fic for no reason, because there were too many characters to deal with. Not fair.
Anakin: And I get to do something heroic. Go me.

A Long Time Ago

Tass: I hate history.
Dekabyn: I hate that I’m poor.
Faith: I hate that I seem to have strange powers and don’t know how to use them.
Nerra: I hate everything.
Tass: Hey, this sort of History isn’t bad. It has cute guys in it.
Dekabyn: I can’t believe you’d fancy a mass-murderer who was around over a hundred years ago. I’m going to argue with you now.
Faith: I have Jedi powers, and I’m sure my parents will hate me for it.
Tass: Don’t worry, we’ll help.
Dekabyn: Will we?
Nerra: I’m sick of all this, I’m leaving home.
Tass: Now I’m going to have to use all the things I’ve learnt
about the events of a hundred years ago to save my stupid brother. And help Faith come to terms with her powers. And conviently tie Dekabyn’s plotline up in this as well. And try not to make the ending too sappy.

Fitting Out

Luna: I’m in first year! Isn’t this nice?
Corinna: I’m the world’s biggest bitch.
Eloise: I’m not a shy little girl like they say I am. I’m funny and witty, actually. I just hate having pimples. And I don’t like Ron either. So there.
Luna: No-one likes me, and I don’t understand why. Should I try and make myself more normal? Ooh look, here’s a mirror…
Luna’s dad: Luna, I have a few things to tell you about your mother.
Luna: I can’t believe all this is happening to me…but I like it. It’s interesting.

Memes and things

Messed around with this until I found one I liked…

has the hots for

What’s Your OTP?
St. Dymphna’s – A Harry Potter RPG

Now, what could we call this ship…the Other L/L? (the other being Luke and Leia from SW, obviously pre-ROTJ)

Hmm, and I just did it again…

is enchanted by

What’s Your OTP?
St. Dymphna’s – A Harry Potter RPG

Mwah. I have a feeling I’ll be doing this all night. Or not, if I do something else instead. Like make my own HP meme.

Okay, this is a HP character meme. The idea is to describe your feelings about each character…in less than ten words. ;) Any takers? Come on, I want to see what everyone else thinks…

Harry: Cool but oh so angsty
Ron: Weasley is our king!
Hermione: Still like her, but she’s getting quite arrogant
Draco: Dislike. Reminds me of someone at my school.
Hagrid: Is quite cool
Dumbledore: Still like, even after OOTP
Ginny: Like, can’t help thinking H/G is definately coming
Luna: Adore. Ought to work on my fic about her.
Sirius: See icon. And half this journal, probably. *sobs*
Remus Like him a lot, also
Peter: Could never hate him. Is human I guess.
James: Grew up, same as his friends
Lily: Like a lot, wish we knew more about her
Snape: Is a jerk, but I don’t really dislike him
McGongall: Loved her vs Umbridge
Umbridge: Don’t like her, but she fascinates me
Cho: Never could understand why so many people hated her
Marietta: Like her. Don’t know why, never will
Fred and George: Make me laugh, wish they treated Percy better
Percy: Will come round. Hopefully.
Charlie and Bill: Are both dead cool
Molly: Is a good mother but overprotective
Arthur: How can you not love him?
Lucius: Loved him in COS movie, that’s about it
Fudge: Am neutral
Pavati and Lavender: Like them
Dean and Seamus: Like them also
Cedric: Did not deserve to die at all
Krum: Was a nice guy
Fleur: Is an interesting character
Dursleys: Interest me
Bellatrix: Has a cool name. Must die for killing Sirius.
Voldemort: Is the bad guy. Is quite interesting.

That was actually way more fun than I thought. :D BTW, if I’ve left anyone out, you can add ’em if you take it. :)

And by the way…my last day of complusory education is over. Exams, then Leaver’s Day, then…it’s over. Unless I get into sixth form. Hopefully I will, but…

…but not if I waste my time making memes. *sweatdrops*