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WIP meme

Nicked from a lot of people.

Green Stone Trilogy

Qui-Gon: So far we’ve already had battles, foreshadowing, darksiders, mysterious events, deaths, foreshadowing, poetry, new planets, very short chapters, and foreshadowing. This fic will never end. Ever.

Obi-Wan: I am angsty.
Qui-Gon: I am even angstier.
Dreammaster: And I am working for Sidious and have trapped you in a really bizarre place where you can’t see the other and I get to laugh at you both.
Mace: I’m going to disappear halfway through the fic for no reason, because there were too many characters to deal with. Not fair.
Anakin: And I get to do something heroic. Go me.

A Long Time Ago

Tass: I hate history.
Dekabyn: I hate that I’m poor.
Faith: I hate that I seem to have strange powers and don’t know how to use them.
Nerra: I hate everything.
Tass: Hey, this sort of History isn’t bad. It has cute guys in it.
Dekabyn: I can’t believe you’d fancy a mass-murderer who was around over a hundred years ago. I’m going to argue with you now.
Faith: I have Jedi powers, and I’m sure my parents will hate me for it.
Tass: Don’t worry, we’ll help.
Dekabyn: Will we?
Nerra: I’m sick of all this, I’m leaving home.
Tass: Now I’m going to have to use all the things I’ve learnt
about the events of a hundred years ago to save my stupid brother. And help Faith come to terms with her powers. And conviently tie Dekabyn’s plotline up in this as well. And try not to make the ending too sappy.

Fitting Out

Luna: I’m in first year! Isn’t this nice?
Corinna: I’m the world’s biggest bitch.
Eloise: I’m not a shy little girl like they say I am. I’m funny and witty, actually. I just hate having pimples. And I don’t like Ron either. So there.
Luna: No-one likes me, and I don’t understand why. Should I try and make myself more normal? Ooh look, here’s a mirror…
Luna’s dad: Luna, I have a few things to tell you about your mother.
Luna: I can’t believe all this is happening to me…but I like it. It’s interesting.

Memes and things

Messed around with this until I found one I liked…

has the hots for

What’s Your OTP?
St. Dymphna’s – A Harry Potter RPG

Now, what could we call this ship…the Other L/L? (the other being Luke and Leia from SW, obviously pre-ROTJ)

Hmm, and I just did it again…

is enchanted by

What’s Your OTP?
St. Dymphna’s – A Harry Potter RPG

Mwah. I have a feeling I’ll be doing this all night. Or not, if I do something else instead. Like make my own HP meme.

Okay, this is a HP character meme. The idea is to describe your feelings about each character…in less than ten words. ;) Any takers? Come on, I want to see what everyone else thinks…

Harry: Cool but oh so angsty
Ron: Weasley is our king!
Hermione: Still like her, but she’s getting quite arrogant
Draco: Dislike. Reminds me of someone at my school.
Hagrid: Is quite cool
Dumbledore: Still like, even after OOTP
Ginny: Like, can’t help thinking H/G is definately coming
Luna: Adore. Ought to work on my fic about her.
Sirius: See icon. And half this journal, probably. *sobs*
Remus Like him a lot, also
Peter: Could never hate him. Is human I guess.
James: Grew up, same as his friends
Lily: Like a lot, wish we knew more about her
Snape: Is a jerk, but I don’t really dislike him
McGongall: Loved her vs Umbridge
Umbridge: Don’t like her, but she fascinates me
Cho: Never could understand why so many people hated her
Marietta: Like her. Don’t know why, never will
Fred and George: Make me laugh, wish they treated Percy better
Percy: Will come round. Hopefully.
Charlie and Bill: Are both dead cool
Molly: Is a good mother but overprotective
Arthur: How can you not love him?
Lucius: Loved him in COS movie, that’s about it
Fudge: Am neutral
Pavati and Lavender: Like them
Dean and Seamus: Like them also
Cedric: Did not deserve to die at all
Krum: Was a nice guy
Fleur: Is an interesting character
Dursleys: Interest me
Bellatrix: Has a cool name. Must die for killing Sirius.
Voldemort: Is the bad guy. Is quite interesting.

That was actually way more fun than I thought. :D BTW, if I’ve left anyone out, you can add ’em if you take it. :)

And by the way…my last day of complusory education is over. Exams, then Leaver’s Day, then…it’s over. Unless I get into sixth form. Hopefully I will, but…

…but not if I waste my time making memes. *sweatdrops*


-Why do I have a huge spot on my chin?

-Why must my little brother tease me about it?

-Why do all my friends hate Harry Potter?

-Why am I looking forward to POA and dreading it at the same time?

-Why must study leave start next week?

-Why isn’t it possible for there to be exams without stress/panic?

-Why are exam rooms always so cold and uncomfortable?

-Why are there idiots in my school who kill ducks for fun?

Okay, I’m done. You can go now. ;)

Even more siriusly

Actually, you know, he didn’t die in the one I wrote, he just got Kissed by a Dementor. So I suppose I can be grateful that didn’t happen. :)

Anyway, while I was looking in my copy of OOTP for the quote on the icon below, I ran across The Scene itself…and I suddenly realised…Lupin never says Sirius is dead. He says ‘He’s d-‘ and then gets cut off. So what was he going to say? Doomed? Drowned? Dancing? Dementored?

(I actually wonder if the Veil doesn’t have something to do with Dementors. Maybe we’ll see Dementor!Sirius at some point. Though god, that’d be awful…:(

I want book six. I want it now. Though I expect JKR will be mean and leave the final part of Sirius’s own story for book seven. Bah.

Okay, you KNOW this rant. I won’t bore you repeating what’s been said. But if the Shrieking Shack scene turns out the way everyone fears, THEN I will rant. I’m just crossing my fingers it goes something like this:

Hermione: If you want to kill Harry, you’ll have to get past us!
Ron: Yeah *struggles to his feet* You’ll have to kill us three of us!

*crosses fingers even harder*

If it doesn’t turn out like that or better, I will lock Steve Kloves in a room with all the books and he will have no choice but to READ them. Bwah.

Pokepost (mostly)

Y’know…I miss Pokemon. I really do. But they stopped playing it on the four measely channels I get, and I slowly stopped updating my Pokewebsite, and…*sigh*. But I still have my Pokemon poster opposite my bed. That’s it. Movies are left unwatched, message boards are left unvisited, stuffed Pikachus fall behind the shelf and get left there. :(

Ash and the others, however, can be Pokemon Masters in my head… :(

…jeez, I hate it when I’m in moods like this. I should do something useful. There’s a fic-quote meme going round, I should do that or something. But most of my favourite quotes from my fanfiction are from posts that haven’t gone up yet.

As an added note, I really, really like the most recent chapter of GST:Making. It’s just sort of depressing/dark and amusing at the same time. I’ve always liked it when I’m able to do that. :D Don’t do it very often…

I was going to do a long Pokefic at one point. Something tells me I won’t find the time. -_-;;

For things you can’t go back to: ^_^


OMG have seen the New Picture.

No shirt. No shirt no shirt no shirt. My god he’s GORGEOUS. I cannot emphasize this point enough.

And I want that nightdress Padme had. And the japor snippet was there! I wonder if it’ll get a mention, or will just be something for the fans to look out for…dammit, isn’t it 2005 yet?

Dammit, I want one of those folder-thingys that the kids at my school use to carry their artwork around in. They’re allowed to decorate them however they want, and I could do a Hayden collage on mine, with that picture right in the middle. But I was dumb and didn’t do art. And haven’t got a printer. Bugger.

Because I need ways to avoid doing the things I ought to be doing…

Take it, erase my answers and put your own in. At least, I think that’s how memes work. :D

Fave film: TPM
Fave Jedi: Qui-Gon
Fave Sith: Tyranus/Dooku
Top five fave characters in order: Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Luke, Anakin…hmmm I dunno…Shmi proberly. Or Padme.
Fave scene: The final battle in ROTJ
Most attractive actor/actress: Hayden. Sorry Ewan.
Fave pairing: A/P or H/L. Or Q/T if you want an EU one.
Amount of SW stuff you own: A bunch of books, figurines I got in a cereal packet, some Tazos (don’t ask) and there’s a sticker album lying around somewhere. Oh, and Ray Park’s autograph. :D
Fave ship: The Millenium Falcon
Fave planet: I dunno. I like ’em all. :D
Pick one thing from the GFFA to take home: Any Jedi will do. :D