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Stories show us how to live…

Lots of things to write about today…

One,we finished Arabian Nights in English. I really liked that video. ^^ My favourite character was the Sultan’s new wife,Scheherazade. (or however you spell that name ^^;) And she says that quote which is this entry’s Subject.

Second? Second is,my parents have granted permission for me to buy all the SW movies. YAY! ^_^

Actually,those are the main things. Oh no,there’s more…

No-one is coming to the cinema. Not this week,anyway. -_-;;

I’m always sounding annoyed at my friends in this journal,aren’t I? I don’t know why…it’s not as if they’re really bad people. I suppose we’re just different.

I am attempting to write my own fairytale. It’s going well so far. ^^ The thing is,I already have this story. I’ve been working on it for almost a year,and I’m really really proud of it. ^^ But I liked my fairytale idea,so I’m going to have a shot at writing it,or at least telling it to someone sometime. ^^

Oh yeah…tomorrow night is Evening On The Lawns at my brother’s school. I love those Evenings. ^^ Steven’s running some stall called Wormplaza. Involves jelly,worm cookies,and revolting refreshments. *giggles*

Random: Why am I using ^^ as much as I use ^_^ now? Maybe I’m just lazy?

Sites: Am busy with a new layout for Red Sparkles. By the time you’re reading this,it’s probably already up. It features the picture of Ron and Harry in the flying car in Chamber Of Secrets. I LOVE that picture. *squeals*

Site I feel like plugging: The Jedi Apprentice Fan Dimension. Even if you,like me,only read a few JA books,you’ll love this place. ^^ It’s the best place for non-slash Qui/Obi stuff,and it’s got a message board too!

Quote of the update:
‘What Is A Beast?’
a big hairy thing with too many legs
~Some of Harry and Ron’s graffiti in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’

*this entry appears to be subjectless for now…*

Welcome to another special edition of Sarah’s journal,updated live from upper school.


Here’s the scene for those who care: I suggested a trip to the cinema for me,Jo,Kelly and Emma. Emma and Kelly hate each other,and Emma won’t come if Kelly comes,but I want her to come.

To add to that,Jo is annoyed that I’m spending all my time hanging around with Kelly and not her. I’d quite like to remind her of all the names she calls me and all the things she leaves me out,and the way she abandons me to hang around with Emma. (Although Kelly’s not much better,abandoning us *both* in favour of her boyfriend. i.e. ‘Since John’s not here,you can have lunch with me today.’ -_-;; I. Hate. School. Apart from this room,where I can update this journal and read. My god,I’m such a geek.

These entries get shorter and shorter.

Random: Utah sent me some buttons for IWY and heartstars.net! *grins*

Quote of the update:
‘I’m not smart,I just overanalyse.’ ~Me. ^^ I want to put that in my new Ezboard sig…

We’re off the ball…



Oh well,watching the match was fun. The whole theatre went bonkers when Michael Owen scored for England,I’m suprised my mum several streets away couldn’t hear it. My throat is very sore now,BTW.

Anyhoo,today my family went to Fun Day at my brother’s lower school. It was…okay. ^_^;; Every single Whatever Day they have in my town,they always have this little train that takes people round and round,and I almost always ride it. It went up onto LMS’s (the school next door) field and it can go really fast and up and down around there. I love it. ^^ Oh,and I bought a mini Flareon! You know,the Pokemon? *grins* Fun Days are great places to buy Pokemon stuff,now that Pokemon is *ahem* ‘so last year’ -_-;; Doesn’t stop me liking it…

Hmm,that’s about it for today.

Random: Some guy posted in PH’s guestbook saying something like ‘YOU WRITE ANOTHER FIC LIKE POKETITANTIC AGAIN AND I’LL KILL YOU!!!!!!’ Wish he’d said why…

Fanfiction: Updated my ff.net profile,and got up another chapter of The Cupboard Under the Stairs. Go review…Now.

Site I feel like plugging: These forums. They’re Star Wars,and there’s the best SW forums I’ve seen so far,although they don’t seem to have a awful lot of active members. It reminds me of Imladris.net…they have Harems there too. ^^

Site of mine I feel like plugging: I dunno…I’ll just plug my

School. Again….

Today several interesting things happened.

Remember ORC? Today he decided my trousers were different and paraded round the room pretending to wear his trousers like mine,and got others to join in. I think he’s a very sad person. And I’m not,actually,the only one who thinks so.


Although what I really wanted to say is a little more colourful than that…

*shrugs* Today has just not been good. Everyone and everything is just getting on my nerves. I should go,but I want to rant…

Girl one: Joanne and Kelly had an arguement…
Girl two: About what? Who’s the skankiest? *laugh*

HELLO? FREAXING hello? Those two are my best friends? And me and Kelly were *standing right behind you*? And *you knew?*

I hate the people at my school sometimes.

Hopefully,though,things will be better tomorrow and Friday. Our headteacher changed his mind! We can watch the England v Brazil match on Friday,on a widescreen in the hall! Although we have to pay…*grumbles* And Jo’s mum offered to drive me down there,so I think Friday will be a good day…

Quote of the update:
When asked to give 3 definations of Power:
1) Something very powerful
2) a force
3) Ruling the universe.


Part of the CoS trailer just came on on Newsround! Sqeeeee! ^_^

We did get to see the match at school,after all. ^^ Practically everyone bought in mini-radios to school…I walked in and everyone had one plugged in. -_-;; One of the boys bought in a proper radio and we were all listening to it in registration,and were nearly late for Computing…but that didn’t matter,because we got to watch the rest of the match in Computing class. Yay. ^^ We’re through!

Random: wench2002,thankies for all your commenting lately. ^_^

Sites: I just realised something about my Fandom clique…something’s wrong with the html and it won’t open the pop-up. -_-;; I dread to think how long it’s been like that. I probably won’t make that SW layout for it,because I’m considering a SW clique. But I’m holding off all SW stuff until I’ve seen all the movies,cause it wouldn’t feel quite right otherwise,no matter how much I adore the ones I’ve seen (TPM,AOTC,& ESB…and I liked them all)

Fanfiction: For anyone desperate to read the rest of The Cupboard Under The Stairs (???) go over to Starlit Blue,I put it all up there…

Quote of the entry: “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” ~Bilbo Baggins,LOTR

Quiz of the entry:

Take the Hey Hey, Which Monkee Are You? Quiz.

I liked the Monkees…ever since my mum took me to a concert of theirs,and then we got these videos of them taped off the TV. So,yeah. ^_~


Yes,you read that right…photos,of all things. ^_^ Found them on my mum’s computer hard drive,thought I’d put them up…perhaps I’m mental. ^^ They’re all from Disneyland,last year.

Number one

Okay,so you can’t really see me properly,since it’s all in silloetes. But,it’s a good photo,even though I can’t remember who took it. And I can’t spell today.

Number two

My brothers are in most of these pictures,too. -_-;; This is us outside our hotel…Sequioa Lodge. It’s one really,really nice hotel. ^^

Number three

Near the lake…I’m wearing my necklace in all these pics. ^_^ I’m never seen without that thing…

Number four

The Disneyland castle…big image. ^^

Number five

Just a cropped version of the previous one.

Well,those are the pictures. One of the good things about them is you can’t see my spots in any of them…still,now you know what I look like-lucky you. ^_^;;

Random: There are two upper schools in my area. One gets time off to watch the World Cup. The other doesn’t. The one that does is not my school. Fairness,anyone?

Random #2: A teacher walked into my German class,announced that David Beckham had broken his leg,waited for the gasps of horror and then told us it was a joke. Okaaayyy…

Fanfiction: I finished The Cupboard Under The Stairs,but I haven’t uploaded it all yet. I’m still uploading it to ff.net chapter by chapter instead of all at once,and I would have put chapter 4 up today,but the site’s playing up. Also,I got another SW plot bunny last night. Dangit.

Sites: Uploaded a few linkie buttons to my Ken Shrine. ^^

Quote of the entry: ‘To the world you are one person,but to one person you might be the world.’~Anon

Attack of the Rabid Plot Bunnies!

Plot bunnies = fanfic ideas. Now ya know. ^^

They keep getting into my head…everything from HP to SW lately (although I’m not putting anything SW up until I’ve seen all the movies…) but they sure are fun!

The HP bunny involves the Durselys…there needs to be more stories about them,even if they are obnoxious. ^_^ The SW one involves a young Jedi Master and Sith legends…I’ll probably plan it out in my Diary Of Everything (With all the pages falling out since I can’t be bothered to keep them clipped in) first. ^_^

Anyway,back to that thing…ummm…reality! That’s it!

Today I hit my toe on my bunk bed. Ow ow ow ow ow. It was bleeding. I’m sure you wanted to know that. -_-;;

And then school started. Today went by really quickly,actually. ^_^ I love my English lessons. We’re watching the Arabian Nights videos,and I like them. ^^ I need to design a layout for my project…

So today wasn’t so bad. ^_^

Quote of the entry: “I was only resting my eyes!”
“Well, your eyes were snoring pretty loudly.”
~Matt and Joe,Digimon

When Sarah Can’t Think Of A Subject

I’ve been drawing a lot of fanart lately. ^_^ I drew one of Melody from Pokemon in Japanese dress. That’s the best piece of art I’ve done…which tells you something. -_-;; And this one,of Sora from Digimon…as a mermaid. ^^ And a few others,but they’re not very good.

I’ve read all my new Star Wars books. They ROX. ^_^ My favourite is The Day Of Reckoning,aka Jedi Apprentice #8. Xanatos is one of the coolest villains. ^_^ And I like Den. He’s cool. XD

I’m back at school tomorrow,and I’m seriously dreading it. I just so completely utterly cannot stand school. *sighs* All I wanna say on that. Anyway…

Random: GO ENGLAND!!!!! (sorry)

Fanfiction: Chapter 3 of The Cupboard Under The Stairs,and chapter 4 well on the way. Go review!

Site I feel like plugging: Sugarquill.net…again. It’s so nice there!

Site of mine I feel like plugging: My oekaki board. Go draw!

Quote of the entry:
“Hey,think your Jedi temple would take a guy like me?”
~Den and Qui-Gon,from the aforementioned SW book. (One minute Den’s calling lightsabres ‘glowy-tube thingys’ the next he’s asking to join…)

Quiz of the entry:

Disney Princesses

You are a true bookworm and dream of a life better than the simple, quiet one you lead now. Your good looks can attract the town jerks, but you manage to ignore them most of the time. Sometimes you feel like you’re surrounded by idiots. So what are you waiting for? You don’t need your father to be kidnapped to get out and see the world. Although you can be stubborn, you’re also very compassionate and see beyond people’s fa├žades.

Which of the Disney
are you?


Got the brown-eyed and bookworm parts right,but beauty? I don’t think so…

Life is like a motorway…

Don’t ask. ^_^ That,in fact,is almost a quote from one of my fanfics. I gave in and wrote the last two chapters of The Cupboard Under The Stairs today. Well,why not? I knew what was going to happen,and I’ll post them at the proper time. ^^ The full quote,for those who care,is Life,Harry thought, was like standing in the middle of a motorway…cars were always zooming past,on and on and on,and sometimes you’d get hit by one. But sometimes,people came out of the cars and joined you on the motorway,and if it was a really busy motorway,they might get
hit too,but they were there all the same.

And I don’t know which corner of my brain that came from!

Today has been a Fanfic Writing Day. There was very little else to do. -_- I wanted to go to this place in town called the Krazy Kraft Cafe,but it was closed. I wrote a half-hearted chapter of this old Digimon fic called Protectors and I don’t think I’ll ever finish that fanfic. Guess I’ll just let it rest in peace. I added another chapter onto Shadows,part of my Spyro The Dragon fanfic. You see,I’ve planned the whole thing already…The full thing is called Avalar. The first part is from Bianca’s POV,the second part from Elora’s,the third part from Hunter’s,and the part which is actually called Avalar,from nobody’s. I like my OC character,Kolyra,Elora’s cousin. She’s cool. ^_^ I also uploaded the tenth part of Of Mudbloods and Green Serpents. You learn a little about Mandy in this one. And finally…a Sora fic. I had a idea for one called Thunderstorms,but I’m not writing it yet. This one is a Jun-and-Sora friendship,half inspired by all the World Cup mania. ^^ They play football. I quite like it really…it’s here.
^_^ Dunno if it’ll get any reviews though…you know what the Digimon fandom thinks of Jun and Sora…

Well,today has been interesting,fanfic-wise. ^^

Dad bought a whiteboard for the kitchen. ^_^ I spent ages writing things on it…tonight’s menu (‘Anything you can find in the cupboard that’s not past it’s sell-by date…’) tonight’s TV (‘things I’m not allowed to watch even though everyone else is…’) and also ‘Welcome to the Barrett whiteboard. Please leave a message after the beep. Beep.’ Heh.

Quote of the update: “Okay…call him Loo Roll.” George on naming Sonia’s owl,Of Mudbloods and Green Serpents (well,if I’m going to spend all entry talking about my own fanfiction,I might as well do it properly…)