A convo

2015 SARAH: Hey how’re things going in the future?

2020 SARAH: Well I woke up and remembered it was a terrifying global pandemic so I wasn’t allowed out. Then I read a Spider-Man comic, but a racist Republican has turned our comfort character into a demon. After that I went to see my friends, who are the animals of Animal Crossing. Then I went online to find right-wingers with anti-semitic shirts and confedarate flags had overrun the US Capitol

2015 SARAH: Holy fuck what

2020 SARAH: Yeah the cops just let ’em in because they were following the commands of President Trump

2015 SARAH: President…Trump?

2020 SARAH: Yeah the reality TV star who was already a racist, he got made president. It’s really, really bad. Oh and Britain left the EU by the way

2015 SARAH: Wait go back to the pandemic part?

2020 SARAH: All things considered I’d rather not.

2015 SARAH: So was Star Wars at least good?

2020 SARAH: Oh shut up.