Red Dwarf – The First Three Million Years Ep 2 thoughts


I love that when they brought Howard Burden in
to design the costumes for series 3 he didn’t watch a single episode from
series 1 or 2 but instead just based the new costumes on the series 3
script.  That explains a lot!

Finally getting a look at the back of Lister’s painted
short-sleeved black shirt from series 11 and 12!  I don’t believe this was ever shown on
screen? (please correct me if I’m wrong!).  It’s got little drawings of the Cat and Kryten
as floating heads to match the Rimmer and Lister drawings on the front!

I absolutely love the fact that Howard had
basically no money at the beginning to make all of the Cat’s fabulous costumes
and that to make the yellow and black coat from Terrorform they just took the old zebra print coat and coloured in
the white bits with yellow felt pen!

Howard and Danny both saying that the Cat made
their careers.  In all of the years that
I’ve watched the show, I’ve never really given much thought to the person who
actually makes the Cat costumes – I just look at them, think ‘well, that’s
amazing’, then move on.  But of course
getting the opportunity to design such incredible outfits would be a dream come
true for a costume designer, and it must (as Rimmer would say) look so good on
the old CV!

Robert talking about how long it took to get him
into the Kryten costume (five hours!) and how the others had it easy in
comparison, especially Chris who only had to put his H on.  And then Chris talking about putting the H on
as if it’s the trickiest thing ever – “We have a hard time getting that H

Craig sweating out of his ear holes in his
mechanoid costume – ewwwwww

And then Craig talking about wearing the costume
– ‘Having done it, I’ve gotta take my hat off to him.  But then again, he’s had three books out of
this – Man in the Rubber Mask – he’s made a fortune out of it – get on with it!”

·         Chris talking about Low Rimmer – describing him
as ‘extraordinary’.  And then describing
the costume: ‘It was such an uncomfortable outfit.  I’m sure there were pins sticking into me and
all sorts of things.  Motivated me to be,
you know, Low Rimmer.  Because the outfit
inspired that kind of evil, you know.”

Craig pretending for years to anyone who asked
that he ate real dog food in Marooned
when it was actually just tuna with a bit of jelly on it!

Great episode, loved the focus on the
costumes.  Can’t wait for the last