SFX Latest Issue


It has a short interview with Craig to promote the “TPL” DVD / BluRay but the twist is that it’s all questions sent in by fans, so there are a couple of interesting answers.

– He says “there are negotiations going on now that would mean we could possibly do two more 90 minute features”.

– His favourite part of “TPL” is unsurprising – “I really enjoyed what I think I’ll be referring to as the moonlight scene in the future”.

– In response to “Would you rather have to kiss a Psiren or Chris Barrie again?” he replies “Chris Barrie, definitely.  The sweetest kisser.  That kiss went on for so long, I had to break it off eventually and ask him to calm it down”.

There’s also a caption over a pic of the kiss: “A million slashfic writers get inspired all over again”.

Yep, the cat is most definitely out of the bag and I don’t mean Danny. :p