Happy Father’s Day 2020

And a very happy day to the Pokédads as well. (What, no Ryan Reynolds?)

The Pokemon Blog:

In celebration of Father’s Day, The Pokémon Company previously released a special video dedicated to May and Max‘s dad, Norman. You can check it out below. Alongside mothers, fathers play an important role in the Pokémon world. Norman is one of the most prominent father figures in the Pokémon anime and video games. As the Gym Leader of Petalburg City in the Hoenn region, Norman leads a busy life – but that doesn’t stop him from being protective and caring toward his children and wife, Caroline. Another prominent father in the Pokémon world is Brock‘s dad, Flint, who impacted Brock’s life in various ways and shaped him to be the person he is today. To all of the loving dads out there, happy Father’s Day!

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