Nerd News: Red Dwarf: the Promised Land (2020) Trailer & Teaser Reactions

I had not seen the second clip before! Oh, I’m relieved that the whole thing won’t be as sober and dour as the first teaser suggested.

Hooray, something to watch while in Quarantine.


Figures ‘N’ Films:

There are a few teasers… I wouldn’t really call them trailers, which have dropped on YouTube in the last week, with the latest being just a few hours old, and they’re hinting at what looks like a fairly high budget production, or at least a higher reliance on digital media – let’s hope that it keeps the amateurish charm we have always LOVED about the show… something which has tightened up and become more professional looking with just about every season.

The first teaser was just a 20 second clip which I first saw on Dave just a couple of days ago, although I think it has been making the rounds for almost a week. It doesn’t give anything away but in 20 seconds brings up SO MANY questions! They can’t do this to us!

We are left wondering whether we are going to witness the departure or replacement of…

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