I do understand Disney firing James Gunn. On a fundamental level I guess I do. Even if the whole thing started as a right-wing campaign originating from a despicable racist. We know what Disney-the-corporation is like.

But I don’t understand how Ricky Gervais can make ableist jokes, transphobic jokes, a joke about masturbating to the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust (it’s on one of his stand-up DVDs), and still get to be in Disney’s Muppets franchise.

And I don’t understand how Jack Whitehall can make homophobic jokes, ableist jokes, and pedophilia-implying jokes that specifically reference Disney, and still play Disney’s first gay main character.

And I don’t understand why Johnny Depp, a man accused of violence towards people including his wife, gets to still be one of Disney’s biggest stars.

And I don’t understand how Sarah Silverman can make ableist jokes about disabled children, tell a pedophile joke similar to Gunn’s ones but without a later apology, wear blackface (she did apologise for that one) and still be promoting Wreck-It Ralph 2 right now.

I just really, genuinely don’t get it. I once caught my mother crying at one of Gervais’s wheelchair jokes.