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Growing up in the 80s and early 90s really made quicksand a thing to be feared.

Your only real danger from quicksand is getting stuck in a tidal area and drowning when the tide comes in

the fear is back

There’s also that dry quicksand shit

What makes dry quicksand different?

It dry

idk why you used that Princess Bride gif when that’s clearly lightning sand

These people don’t know the difference between Lightning Sand, Pea Sand, Pebble Sand, Drum Sand, Glass Sand, Moist Sand, Shadow Sand, Rice Sand, Fine Sand, Dusty Sand, Chipped Sand, Grit Sand, Crystal Sand, Glow Sand and Scrape Sand.  

I’m not even going to try to pretend I know more than half of those

Lightning Sand is actually sand that’s been struck by lightning and makes glass. Pea sand is sand that is not quite the size of peas but close. Happens mostly where sandstone cliffs get a lot of upward and sideways winds over thousands of years, breaks nodules off and rolls them into spheres. Pebble sand is irregular shaped grains about the size of pea sand. Drum sand is sand that actually vibrates when you either walk on it or the wind blows on it. The sand dune voice noises you hear are drum sand. Glass sand is sand made from glass fragments. Moist sand is sand that has water under it so you dig down and hit moist sand, it clumps. Shadow sand is sand that is black, usually made from lava flows that have been ground down to pumice. Rice sand is sand that has grains the size of rice grains. Fine sand is the sand you use for hourglasses and the like. Dusty sand is mostly dust with some fine grains, more or less powder. Chipped sand is sand that has chips of rock and other debris in it like sticks and bone. Grit sand is sand that is gritty enough to rub against itself and hear crunching. Crystal sand is sand that is made from quartz or other mineral crystals. Glow sand is yellow uranium sand, was used in Vaseline glass to make it yellow green. Called Vaseline glass because it has a look like it’s Vaseline. That’s the stuff I inhaled. Scrape Sand is sand is any sand being blown around fast enough to scrape paint or skin off something. 

I live where there’s a lot of sand. 

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You forgot the most deadly sand of all

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