What Happens When You Think About This Stuff Too Much

I think Sirius is dead. I hate it, but it can’t be changed. However…something tells me death isn’t going to stop him.

So these are my Theories on why and how he’ll be back.

1) Reading medusalethe‘s post about Sirius’s life made me think…she’s right, most of the things he set out to achieve he never got to. But maybe there’s a chance he’ll achieve them in death? I remember a thread at SugarQuill where it was mentioned the Egyptians thought that the star Sirius could guide people through the underworld…and we know that JKR chooses her character names veeeery carefully. My idea for this in book seven: Harry, in the final battle with Voldemort, is near death, and isn’t sure how he can keep on fighting (maybe he thinks Ron and Hermione are dead too? That’s the only thing I can think of to make him loose *all* hope) and it’s Sirius who finds him in the place between life and death, because Sirius wasn’t dead when he fell through the veil. Anywho, Sirius manages to convince Harry to go back…leads him to the way out…and Harry lives, defeats Voldie with help from Ron and Hermione, who of course aren’t dead, and they all live happily ever after…well, sort of, because Sirius will still be dead after all. :( However, I do think this sort of works, because it means Sirius’s existance wasn’t meaningless after all, it reunites Harry and Sirius even if it’s only for a few minutes, and it will probably make me cry. *sniffles*

2) Sirius will be used as a bargaining tool by Voldemort. I’m guessing if this happens it’ll happen in book six…Voldemort will want something (possibly he’ll want to lure Harry into danger and Harry knows it but he’s too depressed to care) and Voldemort will tell Harry that if he does what he wants he’ll bring Sirius back. Of course, there’s about a million problems with that theory, but JKR’s known to be able to make things work.

2)b) -this was originally posted at Immeritus-Supposing nothing had gone wrong…Voldemort hadn’t risen, Peter hadn’t betrayed etc etc…Harry would be living happily with his parents, with Sirius hanging around and being god-fatherish. Supposing Voldemort gives Harry some sort of choice…join them in the world of the dead and have the life he could’ve had, or stay alive and keep fighting? You could also work Harry’s friends into this…Lily, James and Sirius are the past, Ron and Hermione are the future, which would Harry rather have? And yeah, when I pictured this in my head I pictured L/J/S yelling at Harry from beyond the veil to stay alive and not come with them. Which could work. And be immensely tearjerking.

3) Sirius is trapped between the world of the dead and the world of the living, because he wasn’t dead when he fell through the veil. (Or was he? We don’t know what curse hit him. Darn…) Meaning that he would be able to go between the two worlds. However…it would only be a half-life, like Voldemort’s after baby Harry defeated him, so he’d just be trapped again. Which is almost unbearable to think about, to be honest. And…er…maybe someone would have to chop off their hand to bring him back? Except I’m not sure Sirius would want that…but he might not just want to be killed either, not if there were still things he had to do…(Why do I get the feeling I’m going to have to write this now?)

4) Neville’s new wand will be the brother wand to Bellatrix’s, and…if it it was her curse that killed him and not the veil…Prior Incantato (please tell me I got the name right?) may happen and we’ll see Echo!Sirius. Wheee.

5) I’m not sure if this one really counts, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Padfoot returns as Remus’s Patronus. Or even Harry’s, although I dunno what would happen to Prongs then.

6) Really ridiculous theory that no-one should pay any attention to: OOTP Sirius was really polyjuiced Regulus, and it was in fact him who died (also fits with JKR’s comment about Regulus really being dead) while Sirius has gone to live under the name Stubby Boardman and work for the Order.

*long pause*

*bright smile* Well, that’s it! Thoughts, anyone?

And even if you reckon there’s no hope now, bear in mind…Title Characters Don’t Just Die For No Reason. I think I’m gonna go put that on an icon or something…